A.R.G.O. stands for “Robotic Assistant to an Ordinary Day”. This is a medium-sized rover that, thanks to its considerable mechanical performance in terms of load capacity, can be used both in the home as a domestic assistant both in the industry as an assistant to operators during work tasks.
Based on Arduino-Yun, it can be controlled remotely from the PC via joypad and webcam or operate in automatic mode “tracking” by Pixy camera CMUcam5.
A.R.G.O. operate under internet wifi, its stream can therefore always be viewed in real-time networ. Its mechanic allows a considerable global burden of about 150 kg.

The speed is variable from 0 to 3 km / h. The two motors 12V 280W each. with ratio. 1:80 are governed by a board Sabertooth 2x32A with incorporated encoder inputs. The hubs of the wheels are equipped with a micro-perforated and interchangeable disk, this is for the installation of encoders. The battery is a deep cycle gel rechargeable by 12V-33Ah. The output torque at the wheels is 150Nm. It comes to 12 ultrasonic sensors collision, a PIR sensor and LEDs for night lighting. The software used are: Arduino IDE 1.6.4, Spacebrew, Python.

Site: http://www.argo-robot.com