Where-to-Make-in-July | A Great Symposium in Barcelona, and Banzi Meets Renzi in Venice

Barcelona is making a truly collective call for makers from the over 250 laboratories dispersed throughout over 40 countries with six days dedicated to sharing tools, projects, programs, and processes through an open and collaborative philosophy. Fab10, the tenth annual international conference of the FabLab network is set to be held from 2 to 8 July. This is definitely the top event on the maker’s agenda for the month of July. But there is much more and here below are all of the details. To make note of other events write
 01 JULY Two days dedicated to  Open Design/Shared Creativity end. What is the impact of digital technologies, the potential of Internet and social media on design and creative professions? This is what is being discussed by experts and noted speakers.
Today and tomorrow, Milan hosts the  World Manufacturing Forum 2014. The “Smart Factory” is at the center of a debate that has reunited big national and international businesses at the Palazzo Mezzanotte in order to discuss the role and the future of the manufacturing sector in the global economy.
2-8 JULY With over 250 laboratories coming from over 40 different countries  FAB10Barcelona (which has reached its tenth edition) will reunite members of the international community of FabLabs and the local community. Six days dedicated to the global network of makers to share tools, projects, programs, and ideas, as well as an occasion to participate in creative laboratories, conferences, debates and events. Among the projects during the Fab Festival, on 5 and 6 July the Fab Car, a modular and customizable automobile that was co-designed by 6 members of the Fab Lab network, will be presented. On 7 July at the Disseny Hub the FabLab Symposium will host noted speakers like Neil Gershenfeld, Bruce Sterling, Massimo Banzi.
5-6 JULY Maker Faire Hannover in Germany.
7-8 JULY Restart Europe in Venice: over 100 young people will be involved in 5 work tables concentrating on the themes of the European Digital Agenda: Digital Education, Digital Economy, Digital Jobs, Digital Democracy and Digital Cities. It will be a concrete opportunity for the younger generations to actively contribute to creating their digital future in light of the Digital Venice summit (on 8 July) that is to be held the following day during which Italy’s president, Matteo Renzi will be speaking with top leaders of European digital businesses (among others, Massimo Banzi of Arduino will be present).
10 JULY The caravan of innovators of Next – La Repubblica delle Idee will make a stop in Cagliari, in piazza Palazzo. Together with Riccardo Luna scientists, researchers, inventors, digital artisans, makers, startuppers, and dreamers will all take the stage.
12-13 JULY Mini Maker Faire in Bilbao.
13 JULY Kingsport Mini Maker Faire in Tennessee.
21-24 JULY At the Muse Fablab in Trento, the first Generative Design Camp will be held. Four days of free discussions and training in the Science Museum of Trento. Among the activities there will be the Design Process Hackathon, Algorithmic Design, and Professional 3D Printing.
26 JULY At the Trinity College “Physics Lawn” in Dublin there will be the Dublin Maker day: a space for inventors who will show their creations in a festive atmosphere.
26-27 JULY Singapore Mini Maker Faire.
26-27 JULY Maker Faire Detroit.
26-27 JULY Manchester Mini Maker Faire.
29-31 JULY Waag Society – FabLab Amsterdam has organized Summerschool Hypercrafting Fashion, three workshops where one can experiment with fashion and design: three appointments in which artisans can become familiar with the techniques of digital production.

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